Toxic Server/Admin abuse

Server name is The Scarlet Citadel both siptah map and exiles map. Admins are two faced and hypocrites. They refuse to listen to opinions or observations. Had admin tell me not to come back to the server for trying to have an adult conversation with him about how he was treating me and my clan. I would strongly recommend staying away from this server


Welcome to the Forum. Sorry to hear about your experience there was people talking about ratings for private servers at one time doubt it will happen across platforms. You may get a issue with Forum administration here for mentioning name of server I know it frowned on to mention player names. Good luck finding some place else. @Ashleyblade I on ps4 so can not help.

I just started playing on a new private server and they have rules some servers more than others. I

Admin is paying for the server makes the rules if he is favoring others on a pvp server in battle or supplies that sucks.