Tracking those trolls

Ok so were all sick of those trolls hiding in their tiny shacks.
I would like to see the ability to tame an animal that can track players up to 10 minutes of them being in an area.

The animal, maybe a dog, cat, kangaroo, chicken, i dont care. Could follow a players trail anywhere except across water as long as their trails are no older then 10 mins.


wow thats a great idea 8D

How do you stop Big alphas hunting down lone players?


This feature is would be abuse to hunt and track noobs. So no to this idea. Do you want Large tribes gaining huge power? Do you want to lose your base every day? Remember tracking works two ways.


What if the animal were able to track players that damaged your base or killed one of your thralls? Like they left some evidence behind at the scene of the crime. That would allow you to track trolls but stop large clans from using it to hunt solos (unless they were attacking that clan).

No1 needs a tracker to hunt noobs, they build large sandstone structures in open areas. If u dont want to be tracked then u would work to avoid being near bases. The tracker would deffinitely not be a fighter and should have low hp so users could loose them to thrall camps. There needs to be some kind of fix to these trolls that bodybag loot on alt accounts and work out of a cauldron just making bombs.

You wouldn’t stop alphas hunting lone players, its pvp and the hunt is always on. Some alphas enjoy solo players building for a more social aspect, but thats a pvp choice. After the next update large clans won’t have as big advantages over lone players with a thrall cap being at 55 for solos.

More of an issue i have seen is 1 lone troll constantly wiping everyone on a server (except the alpha) and not just hiding, but having an alt character with an encumberance build logged off on the border somewhere, harbouring all their loot and recourses so there is no way of dealing with this player.

@CodeMage i noticed u like the idea and your opinion always seems to interest me so im hoping to bring it to the table. What do you think?

Hey, thanks for asking :slight_smile:

I like the idea because it seems like it might enrich the gameplay further. I freely confess that I have no experience on PVP servers, so I’m not sure how it will affect the balance there. What I like about the idea is its potential for RP and player-organized events.

As for the technical aspects of the idea, it doesn’t look practical. It would require storing the last 10 minutes of movement for every player that has been logged in within the last 10 minutes. Even if the server can handle storing that data and keeping it updated, without serious performance degradation, things get more complicated when you need to query that data. You need a way to filter out only those paths that intersect the location in which you’re interested.

To put things into perspective, remember that the thrall feeding mechanic was taken out of the game because it was taxing the servers. All it had to do was check for thralls in its radius periodically, check their inventory and place more food in their inventory if necessary. That ended up being too resource-intensive to keep in the game.

All in all, the idea seems like an interesting addition to gameplay, but most likely isn’t feasible.

I’ll end with my usual disclaimer: I don’t work for Funcom, I don’t have any experience with UE4 engine itself and I don’t have any experience modding Conan Exiles :wink:


Well you just ruined my day :joy:
Thanks for putting the intensive recourse use into perspective. I have 0 understanding of how programming works since i am a builder, but i like seeing my ideas are interesting and i hope they do become feasible.

Even if this is not implemented, i think its so important that we see a solution to what we call “body bagging”. Even we have entire bases packed into our members inventories. Perhaps we can just see our bodies not disappear from the world after a week.

Actually from a technical point of view the way I would do it…is when you activated the tracker… It would send a snap shot of the map which becomes and openable item in the thrall inventory.
All it does is renders one square of the map where the offending player is.
But the map expires in say 5 minuets…

But anyway I don’t think this tracking thing is a good idea… As it gives bigger clans and even bigger advantage.

What a grand idea! Tracking could pretty much be fifty point survival perk :slight_smile:

I am still against this idea. If harassment bad now. Then oh my Crom it just become a nightmare with tracking.

Great idea, a cross on the map that shows up for about 30 seconds could be a easier way of achieving the goal over a tracker that follows a trail. 100 gold coins and you can hire a tracker thy follows you for 1 hour then leaves.

Sounds as a werry bad ide, just Another tood gor greafers and gankers to harase the server whit!

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A simpler idea is if you end up in there event log then you are a white dot on the map for the next 24 hours. you can already track you clan mates on the map why not solo trolls that trash every single server I’ve been on. Everyone is talking about giving alphas too much power. they are not the problem.

The map is already too small and well known for big tribes to eventually find solo players. That’s why the most determined of trolls body vault or undermesh to ultimately try and stay viable against people with more resources. Tracking seems like a cool idea with a dog but if rolled out it would still have to be very limited for balance reasons.