Trade, Rent and Mail

Working now on sanding the edges of my commerce mod.
This is a work in progress, and will be built upon and elaborated in the following weeks. Still some features to dust off from my original UE4 game to add to the mod.

The tradebox working like a register in which you can choose the items to buy and pay with your coins. This shows how to set up. Later on I upload the one on how to buy.

The rentbox can be linked to doors and delivery boxes, which will respond to the owner and the tenant. The delivery box will serve to deliver things ordered from the owner of the “establishment”.

You can make whole houses or huts for rent, or just rent a room in a big building. The door which is linked to the box can be placed anywhere.


I play on Ps4 but those are some cool features wish I could do that on my server.

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Working on the final touches of the Empire language to start again with the commerce mod. To make the inscribed items, instead of making them in english or other language, they will be inscribed in the Empire language, and either the system present options in english, or one learns the language and read it directly. lol

Like the old Empire saying goes:

2020-11-13 Update: In the works the new paper which allows random people to bring you items you can buy in your trade box.

The mods will be updated in steam to their latest stable version and the trade mod will have the new papers and the way to get them in this cycle.
The trade mod will be overhauled to introduce a book keeping system instead of centering on the boxes. The name might be changed to reflect that.
Instead of using the boxes for the shop, the builder will be free to build the shop as wanted, and the box will be replaced by a folder, so it can be placed anywhere in the shop, or market, easier than the box, and more visually neutral. Instead of making the boxes to go with different types of shop builds, the folder will be a standard folder from the game asset, and it can be put on wooden stalls or “Argossean built art galleries” just the same.
The new paper that allows for paying for random materials will be introduced in that update too.
The following page has a introduction to the work of the mod, but as the changes are made, the guide will be fully edited there, with detailed information on how to use the new system that will be used.

For more info, join the discord: