Tradepost and mail issues

I’m having a couple of issues/questions with the tradepost. Quite often not all of my items will show up in the search window after I put them up for auction. For example, I put up a couple of cloth armor items, hit the" Cloth Armor All" tab and only one or neither will show up. Sometimes they will show if I go to the "Cloth Armor (location) window. I’ve tried re-posted items, moving them around to different slots, not sure what is going on. I’m FTP, so is there some sort of auction limit or something I’m not aware of ?
On a related issue, I have one old character who seems to be unable to send mail. I always get a message saying “No user named X” even when the “X” is a new character I made that has no problem sending and receiving mail.
Any pointers would be much appreciated.

I’ve known the tradepost for both Funcoms AoC and SWL to be buggy. The search doesn’t work well and doesn’t always display everything, particularly if it is your own items. It tends to work better if searching from a different character than the one that posted the auction. If it is still missing in that case, and it isn’t because the item display limit is reached in the auction house, then there is a more serious issue.

You can send items only when your chars are on the same server, you can’t send items from Fury to Crom and vice versa. Dont search for All Cloth Armor and stuff, limit the search options, item level range, quality, you can also search by traders name.

Thanks. I’ll have to check if the old character is on the same server. I really shouldn’t worry about it. Just slay more monsters and grab more stuff!
Suppose I’m relieved it’s not just me, but random Auction house bugs. I have started just searching by narrower categories, and that seems to make a lot of difference. Takes more time though. Thanks again.