Trader thrall and chest

I think would be a good idea to have a trader thrall and chest you could place on your base and other people could trade resources or just about any item with your clan.

You would build the thrall tradepost, might be a stool and a table with a tent where you attach any thrall and a special trade chest which will link to the trade post to store you trade items.

To set it up you could choose 3 combinations of 2 items for trade, ie. : 200 steel ingots for 1 gold bar.
The chest where the items are store couls be placed a number of foundations away from the trade post, so it can be concealed behind a wall so as to not be easly stolen on pvp, but still be stolen when the base is raided.


dood thats a great idea! we could set up stands and habberdash 8D

Just updated the text with a stool, table and a tent to give a more merchant look.

I definitely agree to this, as a city builder nothing would make me happier than being able to have actual trading centers instead of just working centers.

Or just add as a placeable, like book for a trading ledger, that can be placed as needed.

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