Trading hub with Bank in Sepermaru

I think culturally what Conan could really use is a small city or trading hub. Adding a small non pvp area and Bank in Sepermaru for example. I think this would help player retention and add to community on servers along with give more immersion into the world.

As many other players with thousands of game hours can attest, once you have and have done everything, interacting with the community is all there really is left. Please give us a better platform to do this and will keep buying xpacs.


I agree, the “settlement system” talked about in EA never really got implemented.

A safe trading hub and safe storage would be a most welcome addition.


Check out the Savage Wilds map if you have access to it. It has merchants and bankers in its friendly towns.

I would pay for the use of the land, i played a game that the land claim was purchseable. I had 15 claims, on i build a Castle a village and had a forest for farming wood, and a gold mine. If the game is good i pay with no shame!


I want to see that implemented on official servers. Too much is up to the server host on private servers where I feel safe with putting the time sink into a base.

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