Trading Hub - Yes

Intra server zone where players can travel too to exchange goods and services? Limit the size of the place and just focus on allowing plenty of players (with a trade window) to interact on some level. Make dead servers feel not so dead. Servers that have blocked resource spawns will have an additional source to gain materials. I am sure there are potential abuses, and I am also sure there are potential solutions. My servers are dead, game feels dry, gimme a tavern I can trade at, arena for PvP, or just a place to talk. You made Siptah, and then you made it possible to port characters… Maybe?

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That would be awesome! Ideally, I’d love to be able to open my own shop, but just having a marketplace with a fixed number of merchants where people can buy and sell their stuff, and perhaps set their own prices, would be great.

We can already build arenas for PVP, thanks to the addition of the Battle Standard. But I wish Funcom would add something similar to thespians from the Pippi mod, so we could finally build taverns and message boards and shops.

Wishful thinking, I know, but it would be so cool.

I’m not so sure about inter-server, but if you guys are looking to play the Merchant lifestyle, I got a marketplace on 188- PvP…

but I digress. Cool idea. I would like to see something like it.

What I would like to see more though is implementation of Thespian-type characters in the base game. Pippi is a staple of modded servers for a reason, and if FC isn’t gonna use Pippi on official, then they should probably add some of the most popular features. Namely Thesbians and Buidling Transfer Mechanics (between individuals and guilds). Even if they are thralls you have to capture first.

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