1- NPC trading. Create a new trading window with multiple themed items.

2-Player bartering/shops. Either player or merchant thrall sets up a shop. Using trading window, allowing players to put items up for trade, either agreeing on a trade, or trading for a preset item of x amount.

3-Caravans. Carriages or Backpack NPCs with themed items traveling through wild to resupply camps/towns. Possibly with Fighter guards escorting them.

Possible themes:
-Hunter. Skins/Hides and meat.
-Lumberer. Bark, Sticks, and Wood.
-Miner. Stone, coal, and brimstone.
-Alchemist. Potions and dyes.
-Blacksmith. Weapons and tools.
-Armorer. Armor and clothing.
-Artisan. Rugs and Pottery.

Would also love some trading/bartering mechanics. It would be cool to be able to build a tavern or inn on a server, play mostly passive building, farming, creating drinks and food, then trade/sell the food and lodging to players who need a safe space.