Training process of thralls resets


I would like to report an issue involving high level thralls. Training them takes about +20h and since latest patch we noticed that about at 2-4 am servers are shutting down and after that all training process in the weel of pain resets. At first we thought it might be one-time bug but it’s 3rd day of struggle to train same thralls over and over again… My time is valuable for me and most of players so i hope it’ll be fixed as soon as possible…
Our server: Official Server #1025 PvE

Same happened to us last night, nine level three thralls after waiting a whole day, , they reset the next morning, start all over again, ours is a private server too

It cancels all queues if you reboot your serv. I don’t know if you did it or if it stops for another reason.

But it’s official server…

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same, how was this game released with a problem like this?

they juste release a fix for this

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