Transcending Ages [PC] Heavy RP/PvP and PvE lite, older player base, misfits welcome!

Welcome to all misfits who haven’t found their RP home yet! If you have a passion for good stories, know basic RP etiquette, and you are lore-adherent, we would love to have you on our server. We welcome newbies, people who want to refine their RP skills, and seasoned storytellers alike.

We’re 18+ with a mature player base with an average age of around 30. We have partners, kids, jobs, pets, and RL responsibilities. Players aren’t ever expected to spend huge amounts of time online. We don’t tolerate cliques, drama, or playing favorites.

We have a unique faction-based format; players can take over factions if they have the strength, hop into a group and immerse themselves in the story, and play a variety of essential roles in each clan. Nobody is a NPC in someone else’s RP! This removes the aggravation of constantly seeking RP or establishing RP in a clan just to see it fade away. Players are free to build, socialize, and enjoy the game on their own terms while admins create content and RP opportunities.

Speaking of admins, we are concerned with what our players want and we’re involved deeply with the community.

Server Name: Conan: Transcending Ages RP-PvP 18+

Server Location: NA (Dallas)

Max Capacity: 20

Passworded or Open? Passworded

Server Settings
XP rate: 2.5
Gathering rate: 1.5
Day/Night ratio: Long Day/Long Dusk/Long Night
Hunger/Thirst setting: .5 (both active and idle)
Drop Equipment on Death: No
God Avatars Enabled: No
Containers Ignore Ownership: Yes
Purge: Disabled

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I support everything that Leire said in their post above. Being brand new to CE it was rather daunting for me as I did not know anything about the game mechanics and I did not know what sort of folk were out there in the community. I feel really at home on Transcending Ages. I’ve never been made to feel anything but welcome, even my never ending questions have all been patiently answered.

The set up is very impressive with the factions each having a main camp where you can live if you like, or you can build your own house either within your own faction’s area or elsewhere. The set up here is to promote inclusive RP but also allows for the nomads, the loners and whatever playing/RP style suits. Our admins are very visible. They are in there playing the game with us and driving stories because they care that the members have a positive experience here.

Come check us out! The only drama I’ve witnessed happens in the RP, where it should remain. The rules are written to support a positive RP experience and keep us safe with the right sort of safeguards you’d expect from a mature, responsible community. We are small right now, don’t let that put you off, come be part of something in it’s early days and be part of establishing a large, active, responsible server, where RP for everyone who wants it is the focus.


Hello! I am Gelle and I am one of the admins on TA. We would like to extend another invitation to check us out and meet us. We’re a fun bunch, we’re a kind bunch, and we’re an inclusive bunch.

We all truly believe that each other’s characters are important, and that our level of fun all matters. If someone isn’t happy, we’re actually really good about supporting them until they are. Come by and ask questions, give comments, or just to poke in and see what we are like.

We are looking forward to meeting you!

Edited our post to include some new information. Welcome to newcomers! <3

I am just doing a VERY SHAMELESS bump. As all shamless bumpers do. :3

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Greetings! Gelle again - juuuust wanted to extend more invitations to come and join us on our server!

Are you a mature adult?
Enjoy role playing?
Do you like to RP with other mature adults?
Are you tired of feeling ignored, excluded, not cared about, or that RP seems to never be for you on your current or past server?

We’d love to help you and welcome you to our growing ranks! Come be apart of something small that is getting bigger day by day (giggity).

Want to meet us first? Coolies! Come on by and chat us up. Ask us questions, crack jokes, and see what kind of people we are (pssst - its the fun kind).


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Our hard work is paying off! Our server community is growing and we have a fun group. Our characters, story, and world are growing, too.

We’ve done events, GMed stories, and created conflict and fun. Our no-pressure faction system has created a really unique experience for our players, and while it sounds restrictive at first, it’s actually just a structure to organize RP opportunities for people.

We’re ERP-friendly and I really enjoy the fact that our players’ average age is around 30. Everyone is so understanding when work, kids, and reality take priority!

We have plenty of room for new folks and we can help you settle into a new RP home, even if you’ve struggled to fit in on other servers. If you’re a newbie or English isn’t your first language, or you’ve never RPed before, we’d love to help.

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Few weeks in and we are growing as an RP group and as friends. I’m thoroughly enjoying my time here. Everyone is as committed as day one and our tireless Admins and GMs keep making our little world better with puzzles, tasks, trials and secret lore boxes as well as running events. The faction system is working so well and Please come check us out. Pop into our discord and have a look around, ask your questions and give us feedback. Kindest regards to you all. I’d write more but I’m having too much fun on the server… Ok, that was deliberately cheesy. :slight_smile:

Material respawn rate?