Transfer from TSW to SWL

I used to play TSW a few years ago, and am intrigued by the new content being released. Am therefore considering a return. I had a lifetime sub. for TSW, is that worth anything in SWL, or do I need to purchase SWL and start from scratch?

I don’t mind playing from scratch, but would love to be able to transfer pets and clothes.

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Log in at and click the Legacy Transfer button after you have all pets, cosmetics purchased that you want to transfer (museum pets don’t transfer). Then in your SWL account check Delivered Items. For your Grand Master subscription contact Support at and they’ll get the ball rolling.

Adding to the above, you don’t have to purchase anything, SWL is free to play. But you do have to start your character from scratch. Everyone did.

Your TSW Grandmaster subscription entitles you to permanent Patron status in SWL.

This has a variety of benefits, such as increased AP/SP gain, more Marks from the dailies, Auction services available anywhere in the game, and a free lootbox key every day.

Welcome back :smiley:
And just in time for Anniversary…

Thanks for the swift replies. :slight_smile:

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