Transfer Only Items existing in inventories

Hello to everybody!
I’d like to suggest the addition to the menù of storages to give/take only items that already are there.

For example, i have a full bag with different items/materials, and i have different crates with different materials, i’d like to one-tapping to give everything to every stack without searching them into my inventory.

Would it be possible?

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if the chests has full slots give all works. But I know what you are saying. You want to fill what is there even if some slots are empty.


Sadly no maybe mod but as of now no. Best way to achieve this goal say. U want grass and wood fill each slot with one item till you split any more then only thought items can go there

there two mod that interest in you about that , there the Unlock plus + and deciated Altar mod … try them out if your on PC , stand by while i link you the mod page.

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