Transfered sprint

Hi ! I transfered my tsw cosmetics to swl and today I decided to play again.
When i get my stuff, i see that the Franken-chopper i bought at this time is gone and instead, I have an other motorcycle with flames. Why is my franken chopper replaced and is there a way to get it back ? Thank you !

This is probably because the FrankenChopper Mission is now for free, unlike in TSW. I haven’t done it yet myself, but it’s probably given to you after doing the mission, but without the speedboost, which is now on the flame-y one. (I forgot the name.).

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As P-girl said, you still get the Franken Chopper at the end of A Piece of the Road. The mission is free for everyone and unlocks at level 50, but the bike no longer as the nitro boost. The Speed Demon bike that does have the nitro effect was given to everyone who owned the Franken Chooper in TSW.

Sprint speed upgrades don’t transfer at all and you can’t get them from the mission anymore.


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