Transferencia de servidores con full carga

Alguien se ha transferido de los servidores que se van a borrar, con máxima carga y cargados a tope?

Si alguien lo ha probado le agradezco que lo ponga, ya que queremos transferirnos cuanto antes, porque no queremos ir al servidor que nos han elegido.Jugamos en pc

Has anyone transferred from the servers that are going to be deleted, with maximum load and fully loaded (…with an encumbrance build fully loaded)?

If someone has tried it, I would appreciate it if you would let us know, since we want to transfer as soon as possible, and because we don’t want to go to the server that they have chosen for us. We play on PC

Others may know more but you can try this yourself. Just do it. The most that will happen is it will tell you that you can’t do it and your character will not enter the transfer process.

Also see: This thread for answers too.

Ya, no quería arriesgarme ya que tengo mucho que cargar…y empiecen movidas con que he perdido el personaje…etc

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