Transfering more power to player characters and learning feats

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xmechwizardx, I agree with the some details things you have pointed out. Anyhow, calling a fellow player’s posts ‘gibberish’ is not a classy way to communicate. I give it to you being a teenager of this young generation.

At my posts, I am trying to pull a new system that doesnt only caters the crafting playstyle (which I also play at my character at times especially at solo play). We need alternative styles to let wandeing, adventuring players enjoy the game without having to settle down and continiously build castles, big settlements and big crafting stations more than a dosen spots at the map.

Simplification process introduced to gamers; that frees them off their chains and lets them enjoy the game by other means. A fully settled craftsman grabbing a Bla tier item and a tamed npc and then suddenly turns in to an elite warrior (thanks to the power up from items) makes no sense at all.

Especially when the Conan Exiles game not only meants to be a crafting game ; but is meant to be a Survival and Adventuring game aswell.

Exploring the georgeous virtual nature and surviving some challanges during the journey is still fun. This approach to the game just needs a supportive magic touch from developers , thats all.

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