Transferring clans

Losing everything to change clan is so awkward. I believe this has been suggested before so I’m posting it again to see if it can get some traction.

I imagine it would involve one extra data field added to the game, to specify original owner, and revert to that. Or you could change the current way the ownership is coded so that it’s recorded as the player ID and clan ownership is a separate piece of code.

Let me start by saying I really wish there was a way to split clans, so I’m not against your idea conceptually. It’s just that the devil’s in the details.

For example, how does your system avoid abuse by a PVE player who gets mad at the rest of the clan, replaces all of their doors with his doors and then leaves the clan?

This concept has always been available on ark but under used for the reason CodeMage says. I once had the structure ownership set to personal which destroyed the clan when a couple people left. I never used it again.

An Ally system could possibly solve this issue. Give the ability to make other players your:

  • Friends: won’t harm players that are your ‘Friends’ during combat, can be reverted if needed. Each player would have to agree to become friends and once one player switches back to ‘enemy mode’, the other player automatically switches back too. (lol, this just made me think of AOE when the computer AI is still your ally but you switched to enemy and are wiping them out!)

  • Allies: building remains separate but both players can open each others doors and chests (maybe not vaults). Could even have a ranking system to give certain permissions to different players.

  • Clan: like our current clan system - building is together, ranking system within clans.

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