Transferring to PvE-C Servers

Is there any possibility in the future of having characters being able to transfer from official PvE servers just to PvE-Conflict?
I can see why transfering to PvP servers is out of the question, of course, but the PvE server I’m on is more or less dead, and being able to enjoy the challenge of fighting other players a bit without worrying about base-raiding and such would be quite fun.
Hope the game devs take this request under consideration. Love the game!

I doubt they will, why not just create a new character? if you come to my server I will give everything you need to start out. :grin:


lol nice cast. I, too, have a server that does that…but I won’t mention it for decorums sake :laughing:

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@TheRedKing76 , I think @JJDancer is speaking about official not private. If I was on pc I would definitely join yours even if I don’t like to fight other players.

I’m just breaking stones :smiley:

Actually, the C on the PvE-C has been one of the problems I’ve had with finding an audience. The only reason we have that setting is for events as we usually run them during the same hours. We’re pretty much a PvE in all regards lol.

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@TheRedKing76 , More than 2 years I beg for a server in Playstation barbaric mode, this mode is the only vital reason to clan in pve. One day I guess.
Ps the only reason I didn’t fix mine is that I can’t be an admin, or at least a proper admin, not everyone can.

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