translation on Russian


I wonder what you do not like Russian players? how did so many games , including and your does not want to give us the opportunity, and most importantly comfortable to play in your native language! from you not who not requires full-fledged localization in our country! doesn’t even require voice acting! but to make support in the game banal translation of the text into Russian is not difficult! you understand that your actions just voluntarily give up the army of potential players! and it’s not even a lack of knowledge of the language , the level of my English allows me to play this game! however, it will not be comfortable for me! and I , like many others like me, I play primarily to relax and not to go for a dictionary whenever I met a strange word in the text! Especially since this game is different with its puzzles and riddles. In the end you don’t make the same French or the Germans to play IN ENGLISH ONLY!!!


I need to say that everyone says that German and French versions have bad translation with lots of mistakes. I personally don’t really think it’s good idea to make new translations until they fix current ones. Also come on, why Russian? There are quite a list of other languages with lot of potential players.
I’d really love support of Cyrillic letters in chat and around though. It’s weird to not allow people to talk with each other using their native languages.

И мне, возможно, не стоит этого говорить, но ваше сообщение вероятнее всего не будет услышано из-за неуместного требовательного тона. Поменьше восклицательных знаков, больше аргументации, серьёзно. :smirk:


and that is true, but Cyrillic can be put on top;) требовательный человек просто xD