Transmog funcom we need

I’m guessing this is from a surge on Siptah? Because I’ve played only on EL so far and every crafter has the same clothes. I mean, if we can dress up follower thralls as we see fit, why not let us do the same with crafters…

Yes, that dafari mask wearing crafter comes from t4 south surge. Iron-eater Gnaar (blacksmith) is another example, also found in t4 south surge.

When siptah launched I farmed t4 east surge like crazy because those crafters (t4 armorer and tanner from east surge) had black clothing and golden accessories. I wish I took a few screenshots back then because I can’t seem to find any online images of this.

Since coming back to siptah and doing a couple t4 east surges, I have not been able to find black clothed crafters again sadly. Not sure if it was a bug back at launch or they have changed it again.

Edit: I have found the t4 tanner but the wiki references her with normal shoddy brown clothing. The Master Tanner Hina I found at siptah launch didn’t have these knee-high boots but instead, had black shoddy clothing with those golden armlets. I really liked the black and gold aesthetic because it fit well with Stormglass building pieces around the crafting stations…

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Yes, surge from the south.
And yes, yes they should!:smile:

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you can get those in EL as well

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My dear @PowerCandy, I wouldn’t mind to see your idea in this game but at the same time I wouldn’t mind not to.
I do understand that after the temp effect system changes on our armor pieces, a lot of armor pieces are to the side right now.
I do not agree with your hyperbolic attack on the silent legion armor looks, this I have to say that is the thing that kept me away from this post. The reason is not the silent legion, but the redeemed one, which is the easiest and best solution for traveling all across the map without changing armor pieces all the time. I use my self the redeemed set with the executioners hood and I traveled to Siptah with it to test it and I understood why you can’t fix it in Siptah. Because then all the Siptahrians would use the same set too :rofl::rofl::rofl:.
However we have to accept another fact too. To gain a purge armorer back then was extremely rare and please I do not accept refuse to that part. I count over a hundred human purges in this period to witness 2 purge Armorers only.
So yes the redeemed set now is extremely easy to gain as other things too. Still it’s extremely easy for veterans not for new players and this we must never forget, not only veterans play this game.
However it will always be the balance between pvp and pve issue. A lot of things has lost their value for pvp reasons, without, for God’s sake, wanting to open “this” conversation again here.
I do believe too that something will be done in the future from devs about this armor issue. Surely we have another constant attack to the company about “pay to win”, that made them took the dlc pieces to the ground which is really unfair too, they should be at least equal to other good sets :man_shrugging:.
Anyway, any idea counts so I support yours too . The greatest reason I support the ideas of all the players is because devs know how to deal with the ideas and make everyone happy, or at least the ones that want to be. The ones that nothing satisfies them No one can do anything about it :wink:.

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That was alot of text me mate.

I did suggest that the stats could be in tge paddings then the armor apperance becomes optional. So u still have to go to dungs to learn tge paddings.

Updated the post with some new stuff =)

For pve, why do you not just use the armor that is most aesthetically your choice? The pve is not so hard you need the att buffs.

PvP yes, att buffs can offer meta min/maxing.

I can run vaults in a foghters build, using ny thrall and horses 15 slots for the heavier loot.

You don’t want your thrall just to look good. You want it to look good while being as powerful as possible.
Let me give you one example.
This is my thrall on her real battle armor (the best I can possibly give her).

This is the same thrall on the armor I created for the contest

This is the same thrall on her “casual” outfit.

If I don’t mind having both a battle armor and a casual outfit, I would prefer to have her in the armor I made, with stats of her battle armor.
But I do understand why some people oppose. There are pros and cons.

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Actually, anything with 5000hp or above and heavy armor is safe from 99%of pve. Hell, it might be lower. I have taken a fully levelled 35000 T2 fighter and it survived the warmakers, even the champion.

I think the Arena Champion has 100% armor pen. But I haven’t really run a test on it. So armor may not even matter, just HP. But that’s only because I haven’t been one-shot by her in light armor and it feels like she just destroys you regardless of armor.

I’m going to need to science this one.


Nope, she doesn’t have much armor pen at all. 271 damage with 320 armor (regular Heavy) vs 459 damage with no armor. So yeah, stack on the armor as high as it will go.

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Silent legion isn’t broken. Melt it with acid arrows, use poison, use bleed, use range, Get good. There are many ways to counter it.

I’m glad this is what broke your 4 months of absence from the forums. Welcome back

This would allow me to look great in higher tier armor I find which I ugly, for sure funcom should really consider this entirely, as I have a wolf helm with medium dragon bone armor and it’s ugly as crap. No matter how I color it.

Wish it matched other armor or went well with it other than the set it goes with.

Edit: spelling mistake.
Edit: added a second part of a comment.

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As I am the Champion how could your thrall beat me?!?! Impossible!!! :face_with_raised_eyebrow::laughing:

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This one’s stance has evolved
Originally, the note that, for PvP fairness, one’s armour should look like what it is held water…
But then came all the delved armours with Siptah.
Appearance identical gear with different stats and even weight classes.
Truely it became the wild west.

With the advent of these same model but divergent weight and stat kits, this one now says why not?
Attach it to a lev 60+ bench that requires the orb of Nergal and the paint station already unlocked and go to town.
Perhaps make it cost a power frag for each piece transmogged.


It’s best to solo the champion and not risk one’s thrall. It’s very easy, well fairly easy, to solo the Arena Champion. Thralls are dumb, so they get hit and she hits like a freaking train. All you need is a shield. You may simply dodge her moves and strike when there’s an opening, but if you miss your timing or have a bit of lag, she might easily kill you. A shield prevents that. Sometimes, all you need is to get out of her way. Both axe and mace are very good to deal with her. The mace has more armor pen, so it might end the fight sooner. If your feel lucky, just bleed her to oblivion with daggers. Probably that’s how some players do it. There’s plenty of places where having a thrall will make your life easier, but this is not one of them, as you may lose something that took days to level due to poor AI. If thralls knew how to use shields properly, something they completely suck at, they would melt the Arena Champion. They could have made her smarter too…
Anyway, that’s why transmog might be interesting, because thralls are dumb and take a lot of hits, but sometimes they also look good and you want them dressed properly. It’s hard to have both…

PS here’s a link to a completely unrelated topic where I easily solo the Arena Champion without wearing any armor.

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I believe that if your wearing heavy armor you should only be allowed to transmog your armor from that armor class, this way you can tell what type is being worn, this way you can’t wear heavy armor but then wear Zamurian gear which is light and expect a easy win. Based off your perspective on the gear, skill, an weapon loadouts.

Personal skill plays more of a factor but regardless of the gear you never know if a hit and run plan could work.

Edit: Spelling and added another half of my comment to which I forgot to add.


You naked soloing Gladiator you! Not sure but my experience with Thralls and Shield has always been wonderful, maybe it’s the type of thralls I usually put them on? :thinking:
Wouldn’t a Archer be useful while you enjoying her S&M training and experience the pleasure she has to offer you that Darketo maybe taught her? :thinking:

:thinking: Marcospt Dong swinging in da wind as he tries to bum rush her…bum rush her :smirk::face_with_raised_eyebrow::laughing:

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:sweat_smile: I just recorded it for fun.
Well, you are lucky, @SabunoHakia . My thralls seldom use their shield properly. It just increases their time to kill. They lift the shield untimely, so it doesn’t even add much to their protection. Basically, they suck with it… :pensive: