Travelling Thralls or NPCs

This kind of ties into a suggestion I have seen with true established bases. Perhaps a menu that can be brought up to show your clan’s areas in coordinates, OR, have a base signpost with a way to name that area that is claimed. Then, you can send thralls between those named areas.

Aside from thralls, perhaps a band of NPCs similar to the Purge that just fight things. Script out a path they follow. Maybe they have slaves or animals following them. They just walk through a terrain, or any area.


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I would like to be able to arrange a caravan with camels and to send them with guarding Thralls to my next base or the base of my ally. Of course there is the risk the caravan could get robbed. :smiling_imp:

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Yes! But the risk is a fun part of it! Perhaps armor the travellers or send a guard thrall with them!

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