Treasure Chest seemingly unlisted

I stumbled across a treasure chest, that’s apparently not listed on the Interactive Map at Conan Exiles.

It says I’m too low a level to open it, so I’m assuming it’s one of those level 60 chests.

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Your assumption is correct. These are boss chests which you can open once you hit level 60. You also need a skeleton key to open such chests. You get those keys from killing world bosses (Giant Spiders, Giant Crocs etc.)

Yeah, I’m working my way to that, around 10-15 levels to go.

Do these chests respawn in an offline game? Or are each a one-time thing?

Hi @Crysis. I am an offline singleplayer, who has now killed 5 World Bosses thus far. I can indeed confirm that both the chests and also the World Bosses which guard them and drop the Skeleton Keys do indeed respawn.

Once you loot the item inside, the chest will disappear, then reappear not toooo long after. And just think of the World Bosses as being like any other boss, such as the Abysmal Remnant, etc; they can be fought, defeated and harvested/looted as many times as you wish.

They respawn.

On official every 15 minutes after being killed. the Chests “refill” with new random weapon after 30 minutes.

Well, that brings up an interesting point.

All of the chests are supposed to have a World Boss guardian?

Because on the Interactive Map, I see down in the valley to the north Rotbranch and a chest. And off to the west is the White Tiger, and a chest.

My chest isn’t listed, ad it’s up rather high in a little remote mini-plateau above my base.

The closest thing to a “boss” is the Rocknose King that spawns near the cliff edge about 200 feet or so away from my base. I only know that is what it was, because I hacked the corpse and got it’s head one time. I just thought it was a different species of Rocknose, given the fiery-looking bits on it’s body.

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