Treasure currency bug and other needed fixes!



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my friend and I have a bug where we go to check our currency for our treasure with our banker and we cannot see the total sum of what we have and we can’t even scroll down so we have no clue on how much total treasure we have. it just shows that gold bars equal a 1000 currency over and over again. this is frustrating every time an update comes out or a patch it fixes some things but a lot of times it seems the bug fixing is going two steps forward and 3 steps back.

OTHER BUGS: it was said that foliage was fixed in isle of siptah but it is not I am still witnessing issues where the foliage only pops up if I pull out a tool but then it disappears after awhile again.
We also have invisible pets like yakiths, a yeti and other various invisible animals and.creatures throughout the map it’s very frustrating.
Anytime UI is pulled up like the map, the quick menu, the inventory screen, chests inventory anything of the sort it takes 3-5 seconds to stop lagging and loading and it could be very dangerous and risky if in combat. I have died because of a lag freeze while fighting enemies as well it’s very frustrating and never had this issue before.

The past purges we have had are very buggy they pop up in the most random spots that don’t make any sense usually they pull up in certain areas and now they are everywhere! and also! the purge enemies are not even showing up! we have lost significant amount of our town and thralls because we don’t even know where the thralls are at because they are invisible! please fix these issues this gets very tiresome anytime an update comes out this type of stuff happens. I don’t know why you guys can’t hold off on a major update release until the update is solid and ready to go tested on both consoles and PC! this practice of game companies releasing unfinished games and or updates and then patching updates numerous times is very frustrating and annoying. I love funcom and support you guys and Conan exiles is one of my favorite games It’s frustrating I want to play one of my favorite games and not have to have a frustrating experience because of these bugs please fix!

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