Treasures gone after restart

The same thing is happening here: 2 treasures have disappeared, but they’re still being counted. One was on top of an arena roof, and the other was on a table.

same issue here treasure disappeares every day at reset, tried it for 3 days, but my base is a tower and the treasure room is at the top so its just gone. playing on ps4

We have also had this, but an extra thing too. Treasure is dropping thru the floor in coffer room on restart, but also we are finding if we try to use a Sorcery Transportery to bring them back (which has been indicated to work) we are not holding it on arrival and (if the transportery is on foundations) the treasure is underneath and un-interactable. If the transportery is directly on terrain, the treasure just disappears.
Wish I knew if this was a bug or if they are serious about walking the length of the map everytime…


It happens every dang day!! I got to the point where I don’t even farm them, and the ones I do have I just leave them underground. What a waste of a perfectly good feature.


Yeah this is a very consistent problem. I just moved my treasures to a new location and they have sunk again

Here is a picture from the same treasure room the previous evening, before I logged off. You can see the two treasure chests and the lemurian statue which have vanished in todays picture. The cat next to the bookkeeper has sunk into the foundation in todays picture.

Its 100% a bug, but we can only hope devs are able to fix it.

This has been reported and acknowledged that it is being fixed - guessing there will be a patch soon.

Meantime, store tresure items in standard chests - unfortunately, I cannot think of a solution for storing heroic treasures.

I had put the treasures in the treasury, and it was like so many others. They fell through the foundations. Then I built a new treasury and moved everything and put the heroic treasures on tables. Now they have completely disappeared, even from the list in the coffer. :unamused:

You can store them within coffer radius on solid ground. Just cant put them on top of any building piece.

…And put a hole in my lovely castle floor?! You be MAD! :smiley: (but yes, can do that - no burrowing dwergi in Exiled Lands at least)

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