Trebuchet disappearing

Game mode: Online
Problem: Bug
Region: America

I created 3 trebuchets on 3 different occasions and they all disappeared. These were created after a trebuchet disappeared and was placed on a black ice foundation. I kept thinking maybe some part of the trebuchet touched the ground. If it lets me, I may try one more time, just to make sure nothing is touching the ground. However, when placing the trebuchet it’s hard to tell if any part is touching the ground. I’m hoping a developer can check this bug out.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.Create a trebuchet and all it’s part on a foundation
2.Then, wait


Hi, I have the same problem. but mine are up hi and I know they don,t touch the ground. first time I have 4 but 3 disapeared and then i made two more. But when I was walking to my home. i saw them fly off the top and land on gound and disapered. But it only happens to the ones on the lower leval. the one by itself up higher never lost. so woundering why this is going on. also thrall when going to a camp to collect. they seam to mass up like were 3 are before now there are 9 or more.

same. all our trebuch vanish.