Trebuchet removed by server twice

Game mode: [Online | PVE]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [Server 1053]

I am aware that similar topics had been posted on that forum earlier, but as the bug presists, I will describe when it actually occurs.

First trebuchet I build was on a simple sandstone foundation 1 block high. The trebuchet was able to fire and never dissapeared.

The second trebuchet was build on the top of a building made of black ice, probably 7-8 blocks high. Only the very foundation was build after which I had to log off. Next day the foundation gone missing.
My last attempt to build that thing was on the top of the very same building. I made another foundation, finished every component of that warmachine and loaded it with everything required to fire. The trebuchet lasted for 15 mins, made about 10 shots. And dissapeared. Right during combat. With me standing on it. The foundation though - remained. All the resources inside of the trebuchet remained in the bag atop of the foundation. The worst thing - event log has NO information about removing any of trebuchet components, while usually it keeps a good record on every item it breaks.

Thank you.

The trebuchet requires maintenance to use. It will only fire 5-9 shots and then fall apart if you do not repair it between shots.

This is a problem in SP too. I have built trebuchet on top of my base but every time I load my saved game it vanished!