Tree House without the tree on B9

Basic Info:

Platform: PC
Storefront: Steam
Issue Type: Other
Game Mode: Online Official
Server Type: PvE
Server Name: 1975
Mods: none

Bug Description:

Tree house without the tree

Bug Reproduction:

My house was build on the tree and after the 3.0 the tree desapear.

I had the exact same thing happen, my tree has the colission issues but no tree in sight. I am in B8 just below you at the Oasis, the one massive tree there. It was previously to the right where the Map Room is. I’ve deleted some pieces that were clipping into said tree. Will see if it respawns…

Greeting players!
Thank you for reporting this issue regarding the missing structures.

Our team is already investigating it as we speak!
Keep an eye on our forum for further details and announcements.

Thank you for reaching out to us!

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