Tribe blocking leyshrines

Ok. So a tribe, Nouvelle Civilis, has now completely blocked the Leyshrine of the Demon. Now, I understand there are other Leyshrines. However, this is against the rules and the build is massive. Multiple other tribes have put out signs, foundations, etc asking to stop/remove the build. Multiple players have reported this, including myself with screenshots. There is no access at all. You get knocked down, possibly die, once you get to the top of wall. As most players are aware, you cannot build near or inside a Leyshrine, so you can imagine how massive this build is to completely deny access. PLEASE FUNCOM, PLEASE REMOVE THIS FROM OFFICIAL NA SERVER 8053. BASICALLY, THE ENTIRE SERVER IS ASKING…From what I can see anyhow. Please take action.

It is recommended to issue a zendesk ticket.

For “request type” choose:

  • Report a Player (harassment, claim spam, exploit, etc.)

If you can, upload any pictures and videos with your submission.

Absolutely agree to send tickets for bad behaviours and all the rest, but if the entire server is against this clan, can the server simply “gang up” to get rid of 'em?