Trimming Report from FC?

I know this isn’t typical but could we get a closure feedback on the server trimming project. According to the schedule it should be done and it would be nice for those that were affected (like me) to see the benefits (in general terms) of this to the server health and setting up the future. Less servers mean resources should be more in sync to the 3.0 release and that is a good thing for all players.

Thanks in advanced.


The servers are handled by G-Portal, and while I can’t say with 100% certainty. I doubt you will see any performance increases. What likely happened is G-Portal devoted those closed server boxes to other customers (business or consumer). For example, if there was 10 servers a box before, there is still 10 servers per box now, just less boxes.

What it should do is speed up any Zendesk tickets a bit as there is less servers to run through on a daily basis.


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