Triple XP not applied to account

Platform: Steam
Issue Type: Battle Pass
Game Mode: Online Private
Server Type: PvE
Map: Exiled Lands
Server Name: Conan Valhalla
Mods: 2869834350, 2934018759, 1823412793, 2996647780, 1759544356, 1799016310, 1629644846, 1683885818, 2859352199, 1369802940, 2998247257, 1938214103, 1414531358, 1472647650, 2723987721, 1444947329, 136974323867

Bug Description:

Triple XP is not being applied to my daily challenges for the battle pass

Bug Reproduction:

Log in, Join private server, Open up Daily Challenges, Observe 10x, Complete challenges, Observe replacement challenges with 10x XP

Thank you for reaching out to us and welcome to our forums!

In order to properly assess your issue, we suggest that you start by uninstalling all your Mods, enter your Singleplayer or an Offciail Server where you usually play and clear all the x10 multipliers that you have, including any saved multipliers that you might have.
It is also possible that a complete reinstallation of your game + verification of your game files (through steam) may be required, just to be sure.

Once you do so, the new triple xp modifiers should start appearing in your game, since not only have you cleared the mods that you have, but you’ve also cleared any old multipliers that were saved in your account before the event started.

Please let us know if this has helped in solving your issue DEADEYEJAYNE!

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Hello! Thanks for looking into this and the reply. Turned out there was just a backlog of challenges. An unexpected turn but not a big deal in the end. After running though about 10ish challenges the 30x popped up.

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