Tripwires, traps and the ability to booby trap chests, crafting stations, etc

A few ideas for additional traps to work as defences for either the player’s base interior or exterior;

  • Tripwires to trigger linked traps. Could even link them to orbs to trigger orb combinations, such as the poison gas orb and demonfire orb.
  • The ability to place traps on crafting stations and chests if they are accessed by anyone without a password or is not a clan member. Traps can be gas orbs, or other such traps that won’t cause structural damage.
  • The ability to change what is in the Siege Cauldron, ranging from stones, explosive jars, various orbs or even a few new items, like iron/steel/hardened steel/star metal spikes, hot coals, boiling water, etc.
  • Spikes that can be placed on walls to further discourage climbing.
  • Enhanced version of the Exploding Trap containing shrapnel to damage over a wider area and do more damage to those at the epicentre of the blast.
  • Caltrops that can be thrown behind the player as they flee, damaging and inflicting cripple to anything that steps on them and even poisoned versions could be craftable.
  • Booby-trapping doors in a similar manner to the crafting stations, even triggering if they’re destroyed.

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