Trouble with Port Accessibility


I’m attempting to start a tiny dedicated server (only 3 people!), but just can’t make the ports connect. As far as my knowledge extends, I’ve done everything I can in the router settings, as well as the Firewall, but it’s still not working. I’d share a picture of my settings, but alas, I’m too new to share pictures, so I’ll list them how I did em’.

  • Trigger range: 7777-7777, Target range: 7777-7777, Protocol: Both
  • Trigger range: 7778-7778, Target range: 7778-7778, Protocol: UDP
  • Trigger range: 27015-27015, Target range: 27015-27015, Protocol: UDP

And then for the firewall, I allowed all the ports above inbound for my private network. I’d have thought it might work after all this work, but when I test port accessibility, none of them worked.

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you