Troubleshooting Highlights IoS

Alright @Funcom_Community cracks knuckles

So I’ve just finished up several hours of exploring the new expansion and it’s features. I would like to start this off on a positive note before we get into the ugly stuff.

Amazing job guys :clap: Visually the map is stunning and it hasn’t gone unnoticed your clever trickery with the terrain to slow the traverse and whether incidental or not essentially closing off the middle of the map to players forces everyone to the sides. Whatever play style you prefer this will make the server feel more alive with these mechanics. I also love the natural pathways this maps it a lot easier to navigate round the tall mountains and plateaus.

There are a few issues I’ve noticed in the admin panel I’ll try to list them in importance.

-Rhino’s don’t have a saddle slot, you cannot equip it and there is no option through interacting that results in it being equipped.
-Wartorn Rhino (EA Benefit) spawning error from the admin panel.
-Flawless bright slice looks like the papyrus blade on the icon but the Wight blade in hand.
-Flawless hearthblade looks like jedias greatsabre in icon, predatory blade in hand
-You can drop a sword you are holding but still be holding it, this does not result in a duplicate item.
-One or two of your renamed armour mix and match sets e.g druid etc. At Flawless level don’t have the Purple box around the icon although they are directly underneath/between the rest of the flawless versions listed in the admin panel.
-The lighting in the dungeons is disgusting this is a game geared towards adults we do not need the dungeons colour coded to decipher which is which.

Suggestions EA Access feedback
-The lighting is atrocious. I’m sorry I’ve said it, but it is. Everything looks like a high resolution beauty filter, the hair colours look nauseatingly vibrant and cartoonish. The level of lighting in The Exiled Lands is perfectly adequate.

  • Please god, let us be able to type while on horseback with Autorun.

Personal Feedback
I understand what you are trying to achieve with the expansion, this is a showcase, a ‘look what you could achieve’. From what it appears to me as a balance of strewning resources across the entire map in plenitude due to the lack of thralls and play fair to not have people setting up shop in a strategically resource abundent biomes like before, the black ice is ridiculous where its sprouting from, the black tarnish on brimstone and gold is not needed.

Did anyone stop to look at the names you have given some of the locations? Beyond Gates of X’chotl nothing else remotely sounds interesting or ominous. Refuge of the Gremlins… Really Funcom. Really.

Speaking of those gates I got a scary amount of Dejavu surrounded by greyed Acheronian archetecture and at its centre Sanctuary of the Serpent, where have I seen a giant snake in a temple before at the centre of a ruined city.

Rant over. I do fully appreciate none of this gaming stuff is easy and things are going to fall through the net.

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