True Companions

When Playing the Game i often wanted to have a companion that isnt a mindwashed Slave, but rather an True Companion that Follows you by choice (Well sorta you know the Thankful rescued NPC in RPGs)

So Here is a Compilation of Suggestions for the implementation of the Gameplay Mechanics.
The Numbered Suggestions are orted by the one i Like the most to the one i like the least in that list.

To make your Companion Unique and possibly to reduce strain on the Server a Player should only be allowed to have ONE True Companion alive at a time.
The only Way to get A new companion is to lose the old One and then get a new one.

Have a Worldboss drop them (preferably a very low Level one so that you can get your Companion Early in the Game
Make them an Award at the end of An dungeon (makes not as much sense since most Dungeons are for more Advanced Players)

OnPlacing the Companion for the first time Open up a menu that allows the Placing Player to
Customize Name, ■■■ <- (Censored by the forum other Biological Term for Gender), Appearance and Class (Archer, Fighter, Entertainer) of the Companion.

Leveling Mechanic:
When a Companion has been Sucessfully Placed that Companion starts at Level 0, but gets progressivly stronger (At Max level should be roughly equal to a level 4 Thrall mabe a bit better)
Three Options on Leveling:

  1. Gain Levels by Defeating Enemies
  2. Gain Levels through some means of crafting or Item Acquisition (i.e. new kind of items in Dungeons that can Level your companion)
  3. Scale With Player Level

Respawn Mechanic:
When a Companion dies it loses one Level if the Level Reaches 0 it dies permanently (You can get a New one see Limitations)
Either Respawn OnDeath at a specific Bound Placable (The Player Bound Bed for Example)
If it is Easier on the Server The Player could trigger an option at the placable which would Respawn the Companion.

Im interested to see your feedback if you have any to see if im too far off with my wishes :slight_smile:


Hmm I love the idea of having more fleshed out followers but idk how I feel on some of your points ie the respawning part I think if they did implement a companion feature that would be great and if there is a way to have them redo also awesome I think the bed system is probably the best way I can think of but still idk about that part as for the leveling I was assuming they might do something like that for pets bc they have a level but it’s permanently 0 to my knowledge but if they make a thrall who can scale with you that would be great also giving them the ability to name them would be awesome especially for people in my situation I rp and currantly as a Aquilonian and there is unfortunately only one Aquilonian thrall and he’s a armorer so the ability to give thralls a Aquilonia name would be awesome!

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Hi zachmax29,

thanks for your reply. What worrys you about the Respawning mechanic exactly do ou think it would make the Companions to powerful ?

I also thougth they would do something with the levels since they are in the hud.

I feel them respawning mechanic just doesn’t feel like it would fit but I think it could work but idk tbh I’d have to talk in deeper depth on the matter

Well i can understand that reasoning. We already got Plaer respawning and non perma death so it wouldnt be such a big stretch once you wanted to go adventuring with your non Companion Thrall in the Volcano, you had that thrall the longest time). So this is why i have suggested the Level Decrease on Death mechanic to still punish you for loosing your companion. Another way would be some kind of altar of ressurection or so whee you would spend resources to ressurect your companion.

Funcom could even add scrolls to the Capitol Cities that would be used to change your Companion in some way. E.g. having scrolls that tech diffenrent dance styles if your companion is an Entertainer. :smiley:

E: Funcom could even alter the mall ending sequence where if you have a companion you dont leave the exiled lands alone but with your “sidekick” :partying_face:

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