Trusted player minor admin control?

i suggest devs select one trusted player per server to oversee minor infringements and take some remeial action. mainly obilisk blocking and the like. could have the power to remove a limited amount of bricks to open the path ways up. alternativly , make half the area around all obilisks no build areas?


How would devs know who is trustworthy or not across xyz number of servers?

Either they can mark the areas such as passageways,starter points (where new peeps walk out) and obelisks as no build zones or make areas around those places decay rapidly. And those thinking of connecting the blocking structures back to their base will transfer the decay to that too. That way peeps can admin the areas themselves from trolls n such :smile: ight_smile:


Even if they could have a way of picking “trusted players”, I don’t think what you want is possible on the official servers.
Funcom has said in the past that they have set up the official servers without the ability for Admin controls deliberately to reduce the chance of those controls being hacked and hijacked.
The most they appear to be able to do is ban access to all official servers.

Devs don’t even trust themselves with the admin password to official servers (or to be precise, they don’t trust someone will not illegally access it, so they removed them altogether)

Point remains though: why would they ever trust a player, and even if they did, how would they know who to trust? Keeping in mind there’s A LOT of official servers.

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While I like the attempt at helping the community help itself, this would just result in abuse. Not in every situation, but in the few situations that it DID result in abuse, it wouldn’t be worth the headache.

Just imagine if an Admin removed a singular piece of a KEY structure in someones base. That could literally undo hundreds of tiles of building pieces, as well as anything placed on them.

I think they better solution would be to create a way for admins to roam from server to server, via some form of “instancing” to solve/fix problems.

Conan should fix the few self defeating problems it does have (short decay timer/limited feat points/no mounts/no-repeatable game loop) and when they get more of a player base as a result, they could afford to hire dedicated admins for servers.

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As great as it would be to have dedicated admins on official servers, it’s never going to happen I’m afraid. We don’t pay subscriptions, and the maximum player count is very low per server.

The only way I see it maybe working is some sort of ticketing system, ie Funcom hiring one (or a few) dedicated admin(s) for official servers. Cases dealt with as they come in, prioritized by the number of tickets that issue has received. Not easy to set up, and I’m not sure the infrastructure to handle it is in place at all. It could be done, of course, but I have my doubts whether the development resources necessary for that would be assigned to CE.

Personally I wouldn’t mind paying a subscription, but I fully acknowledge that player numbers are nowhere near high enough to warrant it, and more importantly Funcom doesn’t want to do it, probably for good reason.

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