Try to understand wat im saying

You would think that since xbox is in an almost unplayable state that it would be a high priority. You would think. I cant wrap my mind around the possibility that you might even consider trying to release any new content with the condition xbox is in. Maybe your not, i dont know. Maybe you are working on xbox fixes, again, i dont know. But as a company to have so many unhappy customers on xbox you should atleast be updating us every week as to wats going on. If you dont find anything let us know, if you didnt even attempt this week let us know. If your still on holiday let us know. Your lack of transparency through this and empty promises while at the same time pc continues to get changes even if it is just test live, still screams you are being dishonest. To be honest i think that eventually you will find some solutions, but with that being said. Since this forum is the ONLY way you handle customer service, you need to be on here posting more. I dont think you are handling this situation appropriately. Making a vague statement like ‘‘we hired some contractors’’, ‘‘we have not forgot about you xbox’’, ‘‘the pandemic has caused problems’’, ‘‘we are going on holiday’’, all which are more than acceptable im not saying a company shouldnt have holiday. However we still hear about pc progress throughout this. We still have friends on PS saying its not that bad. And you keeping us in the dark is salting the wound. I want to play the game not post a story on a forum. Any information into your plans, progress, or thought process would help ease the situation. But you ghost us weeks at a time while you work on pc, and thats not cool.


Word on youtube is they are gonna totally redo Isle dlc. So hope, wish, pray, or whatever, their gonna have everyone but the staple guy on that. So dont plan on a update, verbal or physical anytime soon. Maybe March or April. Lol. Nothing new for Funcom. This is how they roll. Put out unfinished game, dont fix it, add dlc to suppress unhappy people, ignor real problem. Repeat with next new game. Any questions?

I agree, every time I try to play I get kicked off, but every other game I play plays just fine??? Where are you? What is going on with this and why can’t you fix it. I love the concept of the game but I with I could play it

Well in terms of who is on holidays or not could care les but the issue that would make real issues is that they have multiple production site USA and Norway and Italy or some where near there but each with there own rules and laws on covid would make it much more difficult than all work out of Oslo and getting in touch and who is and not working or call ins etc is more problems so I’m sure like most have their plates full just from that not including keeping us informed and in the loop thus I’m sure it’s worse than most may think but hopes things in world get better so we can resume normal activity

They dropped update to Isle dlc on pc 1 6 21. So defend their excuse all you want, but it sure seems they dont care about us. But hey I’m sure stamina and shield buffs are a high priority, oh and guess what pc is complaing about now, since update on 1 6 21, game is so lagging its impossible to play on gaming pc. We have been going through that for 5 months. Watch how fast they fix same problem on pc. And we will still be sitting here waiting. Watch and see.

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If they didn’t care then we will never see another update ever again what I said was the communication is not the best my work place as same issue you don’t know if someone called in if you are at home or is late cause you at home etc so it’s understand that communication is not the best and that they are working on patch and you need to understand that not all funcom can do everything where some will be in design or art of the game others work on coding etc so yeah somethings will still be released while others continue their end of the work but if you put someone on a issue that they did not get trained for then that will be interesting and funny at the same time but I’m not suffering from this memory leakage or other problems you all are and I play fine otherwise I would help you with work around if I could find one and give it to you all but I not encounter the issues yet

You play in single player or private server. Cause I haven’t seen an official server that didnt have the problem. And if your on official, which one? I want to play too, but cant find a server that isnt constantly crashing. I only ask where you play, cause single player and private aren’t bad. Just seems like official servers.

Obviously you didnt ‘‘undestand wat i was trying to say’’. See i am aware of complications that the pandemic can and very well might be causing slower development in this xbox problem. And if your not going through the same problems with the game then your just trying to antagonise me and other people who are. But the red flags are the fact that they continue to work on pc while xbox is unplayable. Theres nothing funny about this. My game lags so bad for 3-10minutes then crashes. And thats after it takes 15 tries just for it to even load me into the world. So please if your not having these issues then dont get on here trying to defend Funcom. Cause at this point we all are very thin on patience. I enjoy the game when it works which is why im even wasteing time on here anyways. There shouldnt need to be work arounds, if you spend money on a game it should load and work end of story.


My online official works decently. I am most disappointed in my offline solo player. I only want to play solo, its the only reason i bought the game. Its this game mode that will not load 98% of the time and even when it does randomly its 5-10mins of laggy unplayable movement then crash. Its just weird and confusing and Funcom isnt helping me understand why online, with other peoples massive structures all over the map can work-ish(still delay in loading but atleast playable). But my solo player with only me in the world is a mess. Im so confused and frustrated.

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The solo acts as both the client and server thus it’s load capacity is much less so on single player the power and function is more limited but large based on there can crash and some times if crash enough will corrupt you save so build massive on official because the two allow greater power to do so

On the my post what I’m
Says is the team is not all on same projects dlc cosmetics is done by a different team that those that work on big and improvements and that the dlc guys will not work or help much with and issues in terms of bugs and stability lose as they may not have the experience to do so they are still working on art and other dlc or cosmetics thus they are not hampered bye the Xbox issues can will continue to bring new stuff to siptah

Also note that there are those who work co
The ports between co

Sorry my device bugged out. That work on console ports between pc and console thus they have to work place n thing specific to console but they may have one for Xbox and ps4 but I don’t know on that but the whole game like most is completely divided into groups to work on various parts of the game but thus them not doing nothing they cannot help much

Do you work for funcom, cause im not asking you. Again you arent understanding wat im saying. You’re not helping. Im not saying every other aspect of the game should come to a halt becausemy game wont work. Im saying that the pandemic is an excuse when it comes to xbox, but is not an excuse with the other departments. Please stay off this post cause now i feel like your just trolling. Stop ‘‘gloating’’ your game works while 100’s if not 1000’s of xbox players dont. "thus’’ i dont care about you defending them right now. Im a solo player. I dont want to play online. I spent 85$ on this game to play solo. Everything your saying is trying to justify a game that ive payed for that hasnt worked for 5+ months. Thus your opinion dont change that. So unless Funcom is paying you to defend them you can save that stuff for someone else.

Have you had any problems with other games or only with this game everything is buggy?

I just try multiple pve USA based server I went near big bases and the such and had no issues if you want to try those and ping was 80 or less for me anyway if you want to try as there is only like 12 or so hope that helps

Hang on a second your on single player offline. To my understanding this was only affects online officials and some private servers as you didn’t state that is the memory leak issues affected your offline single player or is it something else as I was working with u to understand officials online and I do lots of both so what is exactly happening in your game and how much in terms of building and placeables did you put and again I’ve only seen official servers and some private having this never single player I was going to try find servers that work for me at least and give both of you a try to play but that work with :joy:

Ps I’m not gloating my game works I said my game works just fine but if I could reproduce the issues most are having and could keep playing I would give it to you to help out but I cannot reproduced it as I help in many games on issues that people run into on pc and console but it’s hard to do so if I cannot reproduction of issues and I help repair or improve performance on PCs as well to make sure they do well and I’m not trolling ether I just read your op and others on here and I see some miss understanding on this posts and obviously I thought you on official servers not single player so that was my main one there

The one that rights to letters to us I think it was Scott might be still on vacation and when he gets back he will have to go over all of the work and what’s the status of things before he writes another one for us to see

Also note some of this is coming out wrong I have a old device with apples autocorrect system and it will automatically fix or correct my words of sentence on its own yeah for me wish I could remove it but I will try to correct anything you point out to the best of my ability with this thing as much as possible so if you see or notice something that’s not correct or makes sense then point it out and I will clarify that problem the best I can

You also said you don’t do official but have you tried as you can still play but your single player character will not alter or change anything as you play online and I know it can be difficult to deal with some people on there but at least you can enjoy the game till further notice of Xbox fixed

Yes the official that i have tried in the past couple weeks seems to work. Minor issues just loading in buildings and occasional boss or thrawl falling through the floor but its still playable. However, i did not buy this game to play online. I bought it to play solo. To use admin mode. If there would have been a note that said solo player wont work if you get to creative on build, i would not have bought it, i would not have wasted my money. Everything was fine until the thrawl rework updates now single play is shot. And yes this is the only game ive had trouble with.

Ok well just a note as you said admin use if you care for your single player save (note practically every few weeks I wipe my save and start new so I could care less) but try not to login to it as it crashes every time and that unlike online server that keeps you data on it yours is kept by your Xbox and if you continue to try to make play it could corrupt you save completely and unusable as I don’t know how much time or work you put on it or your attachment to that save thus I would hate to see you lose all of your work that you have put into it and to be careful if you keep trying but thanks for the info I did not know on this memory issue as I was not aware and will keep that in mind for my self and others just in case

I don’t know if you’ve tried it but try deleting your CE saves from you Xbox and any cloud saves it has. I had problems in single player where Thralls wouldn’t follow into dungeons or through map rooms or across bodies of water. I was told to try that by someone here on the forums and when I did the problem was fixed. I know it’s not the same problem but you could have a bad save going on. You’d have to start over on single player which sucks but at least it’s easy on single player to catch back up

In case you haven’t realized it yet gloatingtomb as the only human alive on xbox who has never had a single problem with CE only posts on these forums to troll and get a rise from people. He generally fails at this due to most people already being wise to him and ignoring him, just thought I would let you know to save you some time and effort.