Try to understand wat im saying

The internet is undefeated if u are emotional nd take everything personal. I appreciate the heads up as i can see Gloating thinks he works for funcom like hes doing us a favor.

Ok ill try to make this my last comment on this post cause i feel like only a few understood what i was trying to say. And it completely got off subject.
Everyone plays games for different reasons. Different people enjoy different parts of the game. I have deleted, reinstallsed, single player wiped, all the above multiple times. Again if there would have been a warning that admin mod breaks the game. I WOULD NOT HAVE PURCHASED. It didnt matter if i built a small house or massive fortress, the performance is still the same; a laggy mess and unplayable. None of this was happening before the thrawl rework. Its like beating a dead horse at this point. I payed for a game it doesnt work. I only got time to post on here because, you guessed it… The game dont work. If single player cannot be fixed i would like a refund cause thats the only reason i bought the game. And since we all know no refund is not
coming if they are still allowing it to be sold, i have no choice but to wait and hope they fix it.

The only thing I understand is this game does not work for most people you can whatever you want its not going to change the fact that it doesn’t work

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