Trying to get up to date!

Instead of trying to sift through the entire forum looking for the current state of my frustrations, I wish to enlist your expertise in finding the answers to my questions if you don’t mind.

  1. Stuttering, rubber banding, lagging on servers (even LAN) despite a low ping is absurd. I have to wait at the top of my climb for the game to catch up before crossing the apex or I get tossed off. Need plenty of healing with fighting enemies because they are magical teleporting wizards. Does Funcom have an answer yet? The “fix” suggested is way outdated and file pathways and names aren’t even up to date.

  2. Weather and armor: Will I continue to freeze in the desert because my Epic Flawless loin cloth is too packed with liquid nitrogen or are they going to not have pieces of armor (read “armor”) some how generating there own temperature conditions? Also, are the temperature ratings even accurate?

  3. Mandatory mods for a player completely frustrated with vanilla and hating it more and more every second. (UI/item and recipe descriptions, stability, attribute reworks (because I really want to try ranger), weapon and armor balancing.)

  4. Balance to the religions. Who the heck would pick anything but Set other than to be a cannibal because it’s hilarious? Religions are completely and obviously unequal and J Sags isn’t worth the trouble. I won’t bother in the future.

I appreciate your wisdom and time.

Only one I can really provide expertise with.

Exile Lands Improved for a modders take on weapon and armor balancing

Kerozards Paragon Leveling (or other leveling mods) to unlock additional attribute rewards via leveling methods.

Not sure about attribute reworks are balancing (Exile Lands Improved does a lot of balancing in general so it might do the trick by itself), but maybe a class mod might be of interest to you. There are several takes on it, such as the Professions mod or a recently added workshop mod from a high quality modder, the Grand Paradise Server Mod.

There isn’t a stability mod (that removes it entirely) that I’m aware of. A couple of mods to help with the building experience overall is LBPR and Pythagoras Support Beams (the latter of which has ceiling beams to make various stability situations less of a concern. I’m working on a variety update for it as we speak).

UI stuff, Improved Quality of Life has a lot to offer.

Honorable Mentions:

  • Fashionist - Cause it’s amazing

  • Emberlight - Lots of stuff to improve the vanilla experience

  • Age of Calamitous - A total overhaul of just about everything and completely changes the game

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  1. One possibly stupid piece of advice: check if your game is installed on a HDD drive instead of an SSD drive. I experienced a massive improvement in performance after moving the game files to an SSD.

  2. Funcom has said that they’re reconsidering the way temperature works. Hopefully this will mean that we won’t suffer from having too good armor. At present, however, it still heats/cools you too much in milder weather.

  3. People have different tastes. What works for me may not work for everyone. I play mostly vanilla with some cosmetic mods and a couple that make life as a solo player more palatable (such as improved spawn rates for T4 thralls, courtesy of the gentleman who posted before me).

  4. Religions are still unbalanced, unfortunately. Set antipoisons are both easy to make, requiring no secondary ingredient, as well as useful. And the snake arrows, although not the game-winners they used to be, are still pretty good. There’s even a variant sandstorm mask.

Ymir gives, well, arrows.

Mitra has an okay healing food, as well as a nice mid-tier sword that’s cheap to make for your thralls.

Yog has an okay food-food. Which I don’t find really useful, because food is so easily available throughout the game.

Derketo is a pain to level up and provides little. The clothes look nice on dancers, though.

Jhebbal Sag is mostly useful for the night-eye potions, which I love in conditions where I want to use two-handed weapons (which is often). It’s a pity they don’t stack like other potions.

The top-tier god weapons are kinda weak for their tier. You’re likely to have access to stronger weapons (dragonbone or legendary) by the time you get the star metal required to make god weapons. Heck, you could just make flawless star metal weapons.

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I must miss something because in all the solo game I’ve played I found more difficult to get dragonbones, to craft dragonbone weapons and tools, and legendady weapons than to get enough starmetal to craft tools and epic flawless armours and weapons or god weapons.
Ymir altar craft the best one handed axe, Foeshatter, that is craftable. It’s better than any other one handed axe be it flawless epic, dragonbone or whatever. Look at the CEwiki for 1h axes and compare damage, encumbrance and durability. This axe has 54 damages, 1350 durability and 4.03 encumbrance. Same stat as most legendary 1h axes, only a few have better stats.
Derketo altar craft the 2nd to best one handed sword, Lusttaker, that is craftable. Only Tellith’s Lament is better. I don’t count the Blackice broadsword because you must do a dungeon to access the forge to craft it. Like obsidian recipe, the fact you can craft them at your own forge make them useless.
Both weapons need the same amount of starmetal than flawless starmetal weapons of the same kind. Both can be very useful before you can start farming the Unnamed City for Legendary.

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