Trying to play game but can't load into servers or create single player sessions

loaded up game checked graphics setting went to join my friends server and than the game crashed restarted and tried to rejoin the server than crashed again this time i had to task manager cancel the process tried checking firewall, updating drivers, running in admin mode, validating steam files and reinstalling game still no luck anyone know whats happening and how to fix i couldn’t find my problem on the forums or in the community

Hey @Anntidote!

To fully understand the problem could you please provide some details:

  1. Can you play a single player game?
  2. Can you join any official server?

If 1. AND 2. are both “no”, check if your computer meets minimum specs.
If both are “yes”:

  1. Is this server:
  • a Coop game (if so, are you trying to connect on local network or via internet)
  • a rented server
  • a server on friends local computer (if so, are you trying to connect on local network or via internet)
  1. How are you trying to connect to your friends server:
  • ingame server list
  • ingame direct connect
  • Steam server list
  1. At what exact point does your game crash:
    -loading into game itself
    -just after you start joining the server (input credentials)
    -while in loading screen to join the server

  2. Are you using any mods?

I can’t load into any servers or play a single player game.
My computer is meets the recommended specs.
my Friends server is a Rented server and I’ve tried to connect to it all three ways.
it crashes at the loading screen restarts and then crashes at main menu with a attempting to connect message
my friends server has mods but when i was trying to connect to other servers and create the single player session i turned them off

Since you say you cannot even play a single player game, I will guess that the problem resides on your computer.

Would you be willing to share details of your computer? (CPU, RAM, GPU, is game on HDD or SSD, which operating system)

Did you try playing the game in “low end laptop mode” settings?

Edit: did you already look at this thread:

I did check on can my pc run it before i got the game and it said i was fine but just in case here.

Processor: Intel® Xeon® CPU E5-2609 0 @ 2.40GHz
Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti
RAM: 48 GB
Operating System: Windows 10
ive tried running the game on all settings and i ran it on SSD and HDD

Yes i checked all the posts i could find that might have something about this issue but was unable to find anything (my friend said she had the same issue. But it was fixed after restarting her computer however that did not fix it for me.)

Another option:
It can happen that your antivirus is blocking some files. There were reports that some antiviruses may throw a false positive (Avira and few others). Maybe add exception of your game location and validate files again.

so i just learned that i don’t have any anti-virus atm my windows defender was turned off

hang on it’s working now im not sure why was able to load up single player game when i tried just then no crash or reset the only thing i changed was witch monitor i was running the game through.

but when i tried loading into a server it crashed

Did you try going to an official server or your friends one with mods.
It is possible that mods would cause problems with connectivity to servers.

Can you confirms that you can join any official server?
Also what happens on the “crash”? can you make a screenshot of that and post it?
Since you probably do not yet have the rights to post directly here, maybe upload to somewhere else (Imgur of something) and copy the link here. also you will have to break the link when pasting here in a manner like: www_somesite_com. Someone will rewrite and post it.

ive tried jumping on official server dident work and as for the crash i don’t think i can pic it since its restarting the process like it goes to load screen closes game and then reopens on the opening movie’s and stuff and goes straight back to attempting to join game and than freezes and i have to cancel the process to get my computer back

Not sure this is your case, but what you describe is similar to what game does when it tries to connect to a server with different (no) mods that you have set.

Maybe try this:

  1. start game
  2. unselect all mods
  3. restart game for changes to apply
  4. try joning an official server with the lowest poing you see

(when you sort by ping, what is the lowest number that you see?)

  1. if 1-4 works, do not select any mods, try to connect to your friends server again.
    Make sure that both ticks at the bottom are ticked

Game should download (update) any mods that you need in same order as server requires, then restart the game and immediately try to connect to modded server

BTW: when you succesfully tried the single player game, did you have mods set?

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