TSS:Network Servers

At the TSS:Network we are aiming to provide multiple games and types of chatter. Our main goal will be to provide a relaxed gaming community for mature, like minded individuals of multiple gaming fandoms. The goal we strive to is to maintain a community where toxicity and bullying have no place. Furthermore, we intend to avoid the nepotism and self-serving aspects of administrations of communities run without any check or balance aside from the server owner(s) themselves.

We already have two Vanilla PVP servers up (One for each map) with the ability to host many more at a high quality of performance. We also offer server hosting at competitive price with the bigger networks like G-portal and Nitrado.

We are hosting Conan Exiles, Modded and unmodded Minecraft, Eco, The Forest, and Arma 3 just to name a few. There is also a segment dedicated to public games we can’t host such as Among Us, HOTS, Dead by Daylight, and more. Come join us in Discord and see for yourself.