Turan Gap - Normal or Issue

Game mode: [Online | Official PVE]
Problem: [Bug]

I’m unsure, is this gap normal?
I assumed with building pieces snapping to one another this gap wouldn’t be here.
I don’t recall ever seeing this happen before.

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I have encountered this problem with several types of foundations, not only Turan’s, and I do not understand how it is possible. We might think that everything is geometrically and mathematically perfectly calculated, but it seems that no. It seems that depending on how you lay a foundation (against one side rather than another, against one piece rather than another), you end up with a gap from time to time.

It happens regularly with triangle foundations, the more I put and the more the gaps are exponential sometimes. It’s so frustrating.

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My disappointment is immense. :face_with_hand_over_mouth::joy:

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Yes, I remember reporting it when the turan dlc first came out. Rugs/carpets also have a weird clipping issue on the turan foundations. Afaik, there are no plans to fix it. Link to my original post: Turan wedge foundation/ceiling visual bug


This company despairs me a little more each day. They do not even pretend to be motivated anymore. They just say “yeah we know but it’s like that”.

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