Turanian Cup does not fit on Shelves

Game mode:
Single Player
Type of issue:
PS4 Slim

Bug Description:

The Turanian Cup item, (from the Turanian dlc pack) cannot be placed on shelves, at all. The message says that it is not on ground level. No matter what I do in construction mode; I cannot auto align it, raising it up or down does not work, revolving the item does nothing either. I climbed on top of the shelf, I built another shelf besides it, I put in flying mode from the admin panel to attempt at a better view/angle, this cup can simply not be placed on shelves. It is also such a small item. I have placed bigger things on shelves with no problem at all.

To be clear, this is an empty shelf we are speaking of here. There are no other decoratives in the way. The cup will fit on the floor or on tables, and on top of cupboards. But I think this is a performance issue because the Turanian cup has problems fitting on bar counter tops, so anything more narrow than that, like the shelf, seems a no go.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Craft a Turanian Cup

  2. Craft a shelf.

  3. Install shelf on wall.

  4. Attempt to place your Turanian cup on the shelf


Its good you point this out, but I’d be wary of putting the cup on the shelf if I were you, it’ll only disappear along with anything else you put on it.
Until the ‘shelf bug’ is fixed, stuff will just keep randomly disappearing.


Hey there, thank you for the report. We’ve sent the information to our team for them to take a look.

Let us know if you encounter any other issues!


@Pliskin I have encountered the exact same issue with both the wooden bowl and iron plate decoratives.
They cannot be placed on shelves, no matter what, exactly like the Turanian cup.
As both of these have several items with the same name, here are pictures of the specific ones that do not work; the other variants of those work fine.

Wooden bowl

Iron plate

Should I make separate bug reports for both of these?

If not, here are steps to reproduce.

Craft Wooden Bowl/Iron Plate

Craft a shelf

Install shelf on wall

Attempt to place your Wooden Bowl/Iron Plate on the shelf (variants of the pictures that I have provided)

I will be happy to post separate reports for both of these, should it be required, otherwise it is exactly like the Turanian cup.

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