Turn Down Jibbing

I am reminded of how the slightest bit of damage will cause a car to explode in a massive mushroom cloud in action films when I stab an NPC with a spear and their entire body splits in two. Or how a player dies of dehydration and their hands fall off. We don’t need bodies jibbing every two seconds. We get it, Conan is harsh and violent and I don’t have a problem with that. However, when you use something so often it becomes commonplace it loses all of its impact.

Those sorts of effects should be saved for when an NPC dies to a particularly nasty critical hit. Or only to certain attack types like two-handed power slashes. I appreciate that Funcom was true to the lore and its gritty source material I just think we could do without hundreds of gallons of blood on the ground and dozens of severed hands, feet, and torsos all over when I am fighting with a club.


I killed an exile with a punch and split the guy apart in two at the waist lol

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Its pretty hard to make a code to reconized what was being used so they just used a random method. I mean once they have more content done and out of the way sure id like to see them revisited some old content and do a refresh and more refine experience. but for now… I like to imagine im the super villian who can one punch thrall apart.

“Bloody Mess” Perk is what made Fallout one of the most popular games out there.

Let the gore be. Let the nudity be. Let the game be a game, FFS.

Are we not allowed to have ANY unreasonable fun in this life anymore?


I personally don’t mind, I think it makes funny deaths when the effect doesn’t fit at all the way the enemy died.


It’s better than always defaulting to T pose. :smiley:

Imagine you are playing Mortal Kombat for the first time. Everytime you win a match the enemy explodes, get’s chopped in half, bursts into flames, whatever. You don’t have to do anything, you just have to win the fight. Now how special are the “Fatalities”? As another had said FFS, I am not asking to remove the gore. I am not asking to turn the game into My Little Pony. But some do wish to push things to the extreme. I was simply suggesting a change that would make those perfectly appropriate for the game gore moments mean more and provide a greater satisfaction for their occurrence from the player. It is simply a better design decision. Now I totally agree that there are bigger issues to address at the moment, believe me. However, I felt it was still valid enough to warrant mentioning.


Then change the title to “make gibbing more weapon-appropriate” or “Turn gibbing into fatalities”
Your current title just sounds like a nerf request.


I agree, its a bit excessive, and often almost humorously inappropriate lol
Would like to see the game recognize what kind of weapons were used in the kill and have the death animations be based on that.

bladed weapons - loss of limbs, decapitation, etc
2handed bladed weapons - body chopped in two
maces - smashed in skulls, crushed rib cages, (would actually probably be the most gory).
bleeding to death - big puddle of blood
everything else - somewhat standard, bit of blood spattered, black and blue.

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