Turn "Drop Loot" features back on, please

Why is this feature not working? Using these features can really change up the gameplay style. Having just drop and no drop just sucks.

If you leave the Drop Shortcut on death, this is a game-changer. When someone is getting raided, if you die one time and you have “drop loot” on now, You’re done. You’re out of the fight and your base and items will be plundered. IF you just have “drop shortcut bar” on but you keep everything else, you can still return to the fight (unless they got your weapons locker). If they turn on “drop back pack” then you get another type of play, these features are there, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE re-enable them. Since we are paying for these servers, it’s only fair that we should be able to customize them as much as possible. Especially when paying for the ability to access these features.

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