Turn off animation when not crafting

It would really be a great change if the thrall animations were actually part of the crafting process. This way you’d know when something was or wasn’t being worked on or not. It would also make it so that the sounds of your carpenter or blacksmith don’t give positions in the structure away.

I’m talking about any animation so this should include the wheels of pain. If no one is being “processed” why is there ANY animation? I can only imagine that doing this would cut down on unnecessary code running as well.

Just an idea. Hope to see it.


Just an idea, but nice idea. Nice post dude :+1:.


Well, I can see some basic animation otherwise you just have a bunch of static “dolls” standing around. However, some nice custom more in-depth animation when they are actually crafting would be a nice change to show they are doing something special.


That sounds better. Tottaly in with that. :+1::+1:


Excellent idea, but it blows up the amount of work: for every kind of crafting thrall, you’ll need two animations instead of one, an “idle” and “working” animation.

This is not a criticism of the idea, because I love it. I’m just pointing out why it might not get implemented, like so many other nice things we want.


Yeah I agree with you CodeMage. But it’s better than having your carpenter and blacksmith and tanner standing there scratching their chin like a tool such as the cooks do. Seriously, they just stand there scratching their chins…they don’t even attempt to cook…what is the point of them. At least slam your fist into a plate of fish and scream out “IT’S RAW!”.



And now I want a Gordon Ramsay thrall.



They could simply HIDE the thrall when it isn’t working on something. Right now, we’ve decided to place the thralls in the bench when not crafting. That could happen automatically

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I like the idea with two animations better. If you hide the thrall, there’s no way to distinguish a crafting station that has a thrall from the one that doesn’t. And even if all of them have a thrall, you can’t tell at a glance which crafting station has which thrall.


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