Turn sleeping players into thralls

As title: when you log off you become a thrall and actively/passively defend your base instead of going to sleep, just like a thrall.

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That might be. Cool but what about when you have to log off and your not in your base… Or if you are on your base and a purge and youe gear all gets lost because the AI doesnt have the intelligence to run when its in a fight it cant handle?

I tough exactly about that, so if you crash and somebody find your body they can’t just loot it, they have to kill you first, make sense? I left my char in the middle of nowhere several times because of crashes and whatnot to log back in and find myself naked, robbed of my “possessions”, at least if I was a thrall i could have given the robber a run for his money :wink:

PFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF, weird flex but ok. You already lose all your gear to purges when you are offline and sleeping.

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