Twice Bugged or Once Nerfed

I was super excited to delve the recipe of Twice Upon an Arrow but when I crafted it (using Precision bench and Bowmaker crafting thrall), it had a damage rating of ‘7.’ I mean it cost me 30+ eldarium to craft and it is supposedly an ‘epic’ quality bow, so why is it the same damage as the starter bow’s damage (roughly)?

I realize it has double shot, so if the damage was reduced to 15-17 (nerfed for PvP) I would understand. But SEVEN damage, really? Is that what it’s supposed to be or is it just bugged?

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Machine gun thrall KOs


Actually, I never thought to use blunt arrows. That is a pretty good use of what otherwise seems like a useless bow.

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Blunt fitting + blunt arrows + double arrows = one sleepy thrall.

Give it a try, I haven’t touched a truncheon in I don’t know how long.

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Blunt arrows are very high grade KO items, as you can’t enhance them with the blunt fitting directly (I’m not sure if you can do it to the bow though).

you can add blunt fitting to a bow, however not sure how much it helps :slight_smile:

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Now if only you would start swinging your bow like a cudgel like you are a superhero when you run out of arrows.

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