Twilight Zone is here! New [US] PvP Server!

Twilight Zone is live!! Hello! We’re a new gaming community that have just launcher our official Conan server. It is a Chicago based dedicated PvP server. All server settings will be below, and if there are any questions feel free to leave them or any suggestions are welcomed. The server will NOT be modded, unless it is a simple UI improvement mod or something. We’re going to have weekly and monthly events and also community give aways in our discord. We’re also looking at wiping the server anywhere from 30-45 days. This will 110% be the players vote. As will pretty much everything. If you want something new and fresh come give us a try! Hope to see you there! Discord -

Harvest Amount : 3x
Resource Respawn : 3x
XP Multiplier : 5x
Increased crafting and cooking for pets/thralls
Purge : ENABLED 10 minute warning / Last 25 minutes / Weekdays & Weekends 6pm-8pm(CST)
RAID Times : Weekdays - 7pm-10pm(CST) Weekends 7pm-11pm(CST)
Location : Chicago,IL USA
Slots : 70