Twitch Drop armor is useless since Silent Legion Light/Dragonhide armor exist

I will never wear this new armor in PvP because Silent Legion Light/Dragonhide armors are WAY better.

It is a RP Fashionist event not PvP event :wink: Imagine the moaning if those drops were actually better than what you can obtain by playing the game.



It could be useful if the 70% DR, +3 attr armors didn’t exist or were like all the other light armor pieces…

Its no more useful or useless than the base armor you can unlock in your feats tab.

Armor unlocked with recipes or other additional effort should be better than base armor.


This attitude right here is why I don’t think I could ever get into the PvP aspect of this game. The whole laser-focused emphasis on utility and meta over everything else just sounds so limiting and boring.



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