Twitch Drop - Yamatai Folding Screen - Low Resolution on Half of Image

Basic Info:

Platform: PlayStation 5
Issue Type: Graphics
Game Mode: Any
Server Type: Any
Map: Both Maps
Server Name: All Servers

Bug Description:

Yamatai Folding Screen (Twitch Drop) seems to have half of the image in low resolution. The side with Conan is fine, while the men chasing are in low resolution. Very likely when segmenting the image to apply to the mesh, the designer grabbed an excessively and poorly optimized version for that half.

Bug Reproduction:

Unlock the folding screen, then craft and place it.

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The same thing happens on PC (Steam).

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Yeah, it’s likely the actual file itself. My experience in graphic design makes me hone in on quality differences, and given the nature of how it’s designed, the logical explanation is that the wrong image file was uploaded. Seems like an easy fix. Just replace the image file it’s linked to.

On PlayStation, I’ve corroborated my claims with @Marylambs and @everybodyvsME and they see the same issue.

Why are these twitch drops not even being advertised on their official forum. What a joke…


It really makes sense

Got some good traction on social media. Funcom does a great job with the drops; there are items that are even better than those in the bazaar. Here’s an analysis (in Portuguese) of this folding screen. It looks really nice:

None of that addresses what I said. They do not advertise the fact that they even have these drops going on here on their own official forum. It’s absolutely sad.


Agreed. I’ve noticed it’s 3 drops per chapter, so I’ve tried to get in the habit of checking drop campaigns on Twitch itself periodically.

Is it low quality on other systems?

The drop dates are always announced on twitter.
Sometimes you could know it even earlier when the dataminers are working.

@donbzm said it’s the same on Steam. I imagine it’s likely that way on all versions. It’s likely the same file.

Versão do jogo na Steam:

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