Twitch Drops Campaign

Greetings Exiles,

We want to thank you all for your amazing support on the Twitch Drops campaign.

We know that some of you had trouble with the Twitch Drops items and we apologize for that. It was our first time trying the drops and we learned a lot from this experience.

We’ve collected your feedback and will apply it to make future campaigns even more awesome!
We also hope to make the items featured in this past event available in future campaigns as well.

Thank you for going on this adventure with us and please, keep an eye out on all the cool things we want to do in the future!

Stay safe!


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Hey Dana how you doing. I understand this was a learning experience for you guys. But what does this mean for us players who currently have the items claimed on our twitch but haven’t seen them in game yet? Is this problem still being looked at for a solution? Or are these items something we need to reacquire again in future campaigns like you said. I just need some clarification on that.

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Because. . .

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I find this statement to be vague. Dana can you or for that matter another user explain to me what this means? Does it mean that the same items will be featured again in follow up Twitch drop, or that the items will later be included a free content update or a DLC? Could someone help me out here? :thinking:


Wording implies it being a future drop again, maybe as a ‘bonus’ piece in addition to whatever new rewards are available during the next twitch campaign.

Or a re-run of the event at some point.

That’s how i’m reading it anyway :woman_shrugging:


You may well be right Azazane. Unfortunately neither option would be either desireable or of any benefit to me. But never mind that.

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It is evident that it is something new for many of us, errors have occurred and therefore we ps4 players have only half enjoyed the event, in my case I was able to claim all the drops, but I have not been able to enjoy any claimed object, so So much and from my heart I tell you that I hope you understand how we feel.


Maybe once they figure out the PS4 and xbox connection then things will be most excellent. Party on Exlies.

Quietly hoping for that Stygian bathtub I saw on the Isle of Siptah (preferably useable).:grin:


Make future campaigns more awesome?

What date will this past Twitch drop be resolved?

If you’re referring to the PS4 issue, this is something we’re still working on but don’t have an ETA for a resolution at this time:


Thank you for responding.

I’m confused about your statement.

– How can you work on something, but not know when it will be completed?

There are at least two possibilities:

  • Funcom devs are still looking for the exact place where the bug occurs
  • they found the bug but it’s not in their code (e.g. it’s somewhere in PS SDK)

Pretty easily! For example, investigative work to identify the root cause of the issue can take an open-ended amount of time, as can a solution to that issue once identified. For weirdly complex issues or those issues which have an unclear cause, it can take longer than anyone expects or hopes to find a 100% reproducible cause.

Just knowing something happening is rarely enough - you have to find out what exactly is causing it in the first place, and then sometimes figuring out a workable solution, testing it, and finding a proper deployment method can take additional time. Working with different platforms, as noted above, can also further complicate matters.

Very rarely are matters like this cut-and-dry experiences.


I find the repeat of the drops a fantastic idea. I lost 1st day, and i would love to have the opportunity again to claim that day … i believe many players also would like the same thing… it wont be a major thing ofc,as many players got all stuff, but i find amazing that devs thought of all noobs(like me xd) that for some reason lost something on the way…

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Sure, a repeat wouldn’t be bad, but that doesn’t solve problems that @Croms_Faithful and some other people have. It might be even better if they did a repeat, and then, after a month or two, offered these as a standard pay-with-your-money DLC.

Or perhaps make a DLC every few months that would offer all the drops from all the Twitch campaigns in between. That way, people who want the content now can get it on Twitch for “free” (i.e. by paying for it with their viewership), and others can wait and pay for it with money.


Before any more Twitch drops, make sure the dang thing works. I’ve spent $20 on Siptah. It’s not working correctly. Wth would I buy some new dlc?

IMO put all this Twitch stuff aside and focus on fixing the damn game.

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i have ALL dlcs including both preorders and siptah and never had a problem with any of the dlc stuff…
what exactly u mean by saying that siptah is not working correctly?

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